Hot Water Maintenance for your Home

Are you experiencing issues with the hot water service? Whether the water is too cold or the hot water system requires fixing or replacing, you can trust Sunshine Central Plumbing to provide a fast, reliable service.

Just about every appliance you can think of needs care and attention. Hot water systems are no exception because they need to be maintained for ongoing use. If you do not arrange for a professional plumber to inspect your hot water installation on a regular basis, then chances are that you will run the risk of wearing parts down. It is generally more cost-effective to change the odd part rather than invest in a new installation. We can help you make informed decisions about your hot water maintenance.

When we inspect hot water systems we can:

  • Clean the pilot, burner and cylinder
  • Test hot water temperature and pressure
  • Adjust gas pressure as required
  • Check internal components
  • More
Hot Water Maintenance

Hot Water Maintenance with Sunshine Central Plumbing

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